Our Sources

Our journey is made possible by partnerships with suppliers that adhere to our core philosophy caring for our planet. To build a comprehensive library of raw materials for high-perfumery, it is necessary to source from multiple locations around the world. Although many materials are distilled and further processed in the United States, many others are sourced elsewhere. Partnering with responsible suppliers sits at the core of making our product line possible. 

In our efforts to source locally, we found The Lermond Company, a women-owned distributor of F&F materials in the United States, with deep roots in high quality essential oil and aroma ingredients.  We were attracted to their tradition of quality sourcing and customer service with experience spanning several generations.  With an impressive library of more than 1,500 world-class ingredients, our partnership with them has expanded our R&D in ways we could have not imagined, and it continuously supports the growth of our fragrance vault.

A fascinating and successful story lies behind our search for Indian sandalwood of sustainable and traceable origin, being an endangered species. It led us to discovering Quintis Sandalwood and their exotic sandalwood plantations in Western Australia, seen below. We incorporate their Santalum album and Santalum spicatum varieties into several blends in our vault, and our launching scent Milonga uses the album variety at the base of its scent pyramid. We are excited to count with their support as a strategic partner for such a rare and precious material. 

           QuintisQuintis IIQuintis III

Our search for other rare and precious botanical distillations, led us to artisanal producers in different parts of the world, each with a unique range of exceptionally exquisite materials, like our Cape Chamomile essential oil. A fabulous deep blue fragrance distilled from snowbush plants grown organically by Cape Fynbos Oils small farmers, in the high mountains of South Africa's fynbos biome, the world's epicenter of uniquely aromatic species.  

Cape Chamomile ICape Chamomile IICape Chamomile III

To source essential oils from the boreal forests, we partnered with BoreA Canada in the untamed forests of the Province of Quèbec.