Our Packaging


We pour our Luxury Scented Candles into crystal of exceptional clarity and transparency. We use high-reflective index glass for our room spray bottles and our diffuser decanters. 

Our Limited Edition Diffusers formulas are poured into sophisticated crystal block decanters, and their candle counterparts are poured into exceptional sommerso crystal bowls.

Our foiled and plated labels contain real gold, so do our gold-plated candle lids, our lids are sufficiently safe to double as coasters.

Our crystal and glass vessels and bottles are not only recyclable, but they can be upcycled for a new use in life, they are hand-picked for their quality and design to be considered as such. 

Our Travel Tins are customized in our signature Prussian blue color, they are made of aluminum as opposed to a tin alloy, which along with their paint gives them additional temperature isolation from your furniture or any surface you place them on. We do suggest you place your candle tin on top of a coaster made of wood, stone, or any fire-retardant material for additional protection. 

Our aluminum Travel Room Spray bottles come with removable spray caps to give the bottle a second life, please refer to the product page for instructions on refilling or upcycling, or contact us at cs@rhr.luxury.

Our customized boxes in our signature Prussian blue color and any additional paper packaging is recyclable, including any printed material found inside.