The Age Of Discoveries

The inspiration behind RHR starts with the Age Of Discoveries and a vision of the pre-Columbian Americas.
Sailing at the mercy of impervious winds and currents, Adelantados* and Navegantes** created navigational charts that would quickly evolve into trade routes.
These, embroidered with riches and culture spilling from sackcloth and coffers, became the vehicle for a phenomenon that shaped -and continues to shape- the Americas as we know them today: transoceanic migration.
Ambition and hope fueled this movement of peoples, but a sense of adventure added special character to the next chapter in its evolution.
Currents of inland migration populated the continent from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego. Countless immigrants from the Old World brought their cultures and customs, mixing the exotic with the familiar. New seminal identities were created with one characteristic in common: the blending of the origins.
As navigation expanded global trade, it carried along with it the rarefied world of perfumery. Flowers, herbs roots, woods, seeds, resins and spices worth their weight in gold began to routinely cross oceans.

Scent, as a product of Culture had entered a modern era.

Chafariz d'El Rei, Unknown, Flemish, XVI Century.

*Adelantado, (a-də-ˌlän-ˈtä-(ˌ)dō), Spanish for "advanced", a representative of the Spanish Monarch to the colonies.

**Navegante, (naveˈɡãtʃi), Portuguese for "navigator", "seafarer".