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12.75 Oz / +55 hours of burn time.


Milonga is considered the precursor to Tango. An intoxicating blend of leather, waxed wooden floors, smoke, booze, lipstick and men's aftershave hits you as you walk into an "antro", a speakeasy, a dive bar lost in the neighborhoods of old, mysterious Buenos Aires. Milonga is a leather and incense luxury candle with a powerful fragrance and diffusion, and a daring play between all genders. Excessive, extravagant, exquisite. 

Inspiration And Aromatic Profile
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Scent Pyramid

Top Notes:
Frankincense essential oil India, raspberry, iris and violet accords.
Heart Notes:
Ylang-Ylang Nosy-Bé eo Madagascar, Fumencens®, carnation and bourbon accords.
Base Notes:
Sandalwood Santalum album eo Australia, cadé oil Spain, tobacco and leather accords.

What Makes It Unique

Milonga contains real sandalwood essential oil from Australia, part of a reforestation effort by our supplier partner Quintis Sandalwood, spanning more than 2 decades replanting Santalum album trees brought from India.
It also contains real Ylang-Ylang essential oil from Nosy-Bé in Madagascar, the best of its kind in the world, and real frankincense oil from India.
Another rare ingredient in it is Fumencens®, an unusual material created by world-known Payan-Bertrand, product of a high-temperature distillation of olibanum.
These provide a uniquely strong aromatic profile with the perhaps familiar nuances you may have smelled in expensive, niche perfumes.
Their use supporting the leather and tobacco accords in the formulation provide a uniquely luxurious aromatic profile seldom found in candles.

Materials And Components

  • Hybrid wax of vegetable origin.
  • 100% Cotton core wick.
  • Fragrance blend with botanical and synthesized materials.
  • Luxury gift box and vessel upcycle instructions.
  • Optional is an exotic Guayubira wood, Patagonula americana lid carved out of sustainably sourced, felled trees from South American rainforests. 


Candle: 86 mm Ø x 95 mm H.

Box: 107 mm L x 107 mm W x 118 mm H.

Care Instructions

  • Trim the wick up to 1/8” before each use. Pick out any burnt wick remains from the melted wax before it cools off with a teaspoon or other utensil.
  • Place on a heat-resistant surface and rotate often for an even melt, watch for drafts from windows or AC units.
  • To avoid tunneling, always burn to a full pool of melted wax. This candle size develops a full pool at approximately 3 hours of constant burning.
  • Keep away from children, pets and drafts.
  • To upcycle your vessel, look for instructions in the next drop down menu, or the scent-flyer included in the box.

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