Our Fragrances

The blending of origins and scent as identity sit at the core of RHR. We arrange accords representing a moment in time and space, intertwining sensorial memory and olfactive instinct. We research perfumery materials and attempt to connect the dots between them and why we like some over others, and how this may have something to do with our origins, our blended origins.

One of the pillars of perfumery is inspiration. This inspiration leads to the blending of materials to compose aromatic accords, considered successful when the blended results do not reveal any one material over the others, but instead smell distinctively new, and sometimes deliciously unexpected. It should also be justified as part of the composition-its raison d'être*.

This is how we blend.

When describing scent inspiration and scent pyramids, we list the real ingredients utilized, these descriptions are not merely marketing tools, they describe the materials sourced, tested and blended following the particular inspiration behind the formula. We then arrange our formulas in families, called Scent Collections, following their inspiration and aromatic profile.

We offer seasonal and Limited Editions following luxury consumer trends and although they may be part of the same scent collection and share an aromatic profile i.e. white flowers, not two fragrances are alike. In part, this is because our materials are not repeated in scent pyramids in the same location, this contributes to making each composition unique, intimately linked to its inspiration while remaining connected to other scents in the same family.

The connectivity among our scents reflects a simple fact of Nature: all botanical species are interrelated, they share chemical structures and in turn, we have a lot in common with them in our chemical makeup. All botanical species emit volatiles either in competition or association amongst themselves, with the fauna, and with their shared ecosystem. And we do, too. 

We take these precious volatiles and blend them, honoring and optimizing them as the gifts of Nature that they are, while remaining true to the craft and mastery of high perfumery.

*raison d'être(rāzôn ˈdetrə)
the most important reason or purpose for someone or something's existence.