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12.75 Oz / +55 hours of burn time.

Azahares, from the old Andalusian Arabic "zahra", is Spanish for "orange blossoms." 

The intoxicating fragrance of orange blossoms overpowering Sevilla, Spain during harvest time, inspired this blend. In this luxury candle, precious ingredients like pink peppercorn, davana, saffron, Rose damascena absolute, patchouli and papyrus evoke the mesmerizing perfume of orange fields blooming in high summer. Ravishing and unforgettable, the ultimate narcotic floral, Azahares is decadent, exquisite, and extraordinary. 

Inspiration And Aromatic Profile
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Scent Pyramid

Top Notes:
Saffron absolute India, davana essential oil India, pink peppercorn eo Guatemala, plum and vanilla accords.
Heart Notes:
Neroli absolute Egypt, neroli oil Egypt, rose damascena absolute Bulgaria, papyrus eo India, tuberose accord.
Base Notes:
Patchouli dark eo Indonesia, oud reconstitution India, civet essence France, Tonquitone®, myrrh accord.

What Makes It Unique

Azahares has a high content of essential oils and absolutes of P&N (Pure & Natural) origin. In it, we use real saffron absolute, as well as real davana, pink peppercorn, 6-year aged patchouli and cypriol essential oils.
These, plus real neroli absolute, real neroli oil and rose absolute give the perfume blend a depth and intensity seldom found in other candles.
The addition of a loyal oud reconstitution to the base notes adds a note of mystery, and provides an olfactory texture that enables Azahares to be burned in warm and cooler months.

Materials And Components

  • Hybrid wax of vegetable origin.
  • 100% Cotton core wick.
  • Fragrance blend with botanical and synthesized materials.
  • Luxury gift box and vessel upcycle instructions.
  • Optional is an exotic Guayubira wood, Patagonula americana lid carved out of sustainably sourced, felled trees from South American rainforests. 

Other Scents In This Collection

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Candle, Crystal Jar 12.75 Oz: 86 mm Ø x 95 mm H/ 3.38" Ø x 3.74" H.

Box: 107 mm L x 107 mm W x 118 mm H/ 4.21" L x 4.21" W x 4.64" H.

Content Net Weight: 9.48 Oz.

Care Instructions

  • Trim the wick up to 1/8” before each use. Pick out any burnt wick remains from the melted wax before it cools off with a teaspoon or other utensil.
  • Place on a heat-resistant surface and rotate often for an even melt, watch for drafts from windows or AC units.
  • To avoid tunneling, always burn to a full pool of melted wax. This candle size develops a full pool at approximately 3 hours of constant burning.
  • Keep away from children, pets and drafts.
  • To upcycle your vessel, look for instructions in the next drop down menu, or the scent-flyer included in the box.

Up-cycling Your Vessel

You can upcycle our crystal vessels by removing the leftover wax in a gentle bain-marie as follows:
Ensure your vessel is at room temperature to avoid a material shock. Pour one full cup of filtered water in a small pot over medium fire, and place the vessel inside, carefully watching as the wax starts to melt. Do not let the water boil to avoid overheating the vessel. Once melted, turn the stove off and take out the vessel wearing gloves to avoid burns. Dispose of the leftovers along mixed refuse, then gently pull the wick base with a spoon. The wick base is made of recycled aluminum, you can dispose of it along other metal recyclables. Wipe the interior surface with a paper towel dabbed in rubbing alcohol or a 1:5 mix of filtered water and white vinegar, and allow to finish cooling and drying off. We prefer to use filtered water as it contains less abrasives and suspended particles that could scratch the delicate surface gloss of our crystal vessels.

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