Azahares is the Arabic word for orange blossom. In the Spanish language, the term has also been used for centuries to name orange blossoms and the famous Agua de Azahares.

 One of the most popular raw materials in perfumery, orange blossoms at one time perfumed the fabled Orangerie at Versailles, the spectacular garden of orange trees that were the delight of the LouisXIV, Le Roi Soleil.

 The cultural influence of Spain and the Arabic world all over the Americas inspired our rendition of this beautiful scent. The decadence of the Orangerie, imagined on a warm summer evening alight with a thousand lanterns reflecting light on its impossibly beautiful cast silver pots suddenly invades our dwellings with its narcotic ecstasy.
Azahares is a heady, indolic fragrance best enjoyed at sunset, a warm concoction that instantly evokes Sevilla, the Alhambra and the Souk.

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