Our Oxypétala luxury candle takes its name from the Epyphillum oxypetalum flower, known as the lady of the night. It is a very intriguing flower that only blooms at night and the flowers wilt before dawn. Its alien-like, cocoon-shaped flowers emit a mesmerizing perfume to attract its pollinizer, a nocturnal moth that may detect it up to 150 miles away. It is one of the flowers that crossed oceans during the Age of Discoveries. At its peak, the perfume is very floral-sweet, with marzipan, cinnamon, citrus and spice accents. Our rendition in a luxury candle remains true to the headspace analysis, a strong, heady floral with a decidedly mysterious side.

Oxypétala is a luxury candle classed as a white floral fragrance with citrus, green and spice accents.

*White floral or white flowers: you can learn more about this perfumery classification here.