Milonga Inspiration

Milonga, the precursor to Tango. Milonga is a typical dance performed in dive bars in the suburban neighborhoods of old, mysterious Buenos Aires.
Called "antros" by the locals, many dive bars play tango and milonga until dawn for local patrons and the occasional tourists that manage to find them.
The smell of leather stools, waxed floors, and tobacco blend with aftershave, lipstick, and booze, creating an intoxicating, sensual concoction that wafts throughout the room, impregnating clothes and skin.
Milonga is an elegant leather fragrance with superior diffusion and staying power, perfect for chilly nights or hosting cocktails. Succulent top notes give way to narcotic Ylang-Ylang and bourbon, spiced with incense and carnation, sitting on a base of real sandalwood essential oil and cadé oil, flanked by leather and tobacco accords. 

Milonga is classed as a leather, woody incense scent.

Our precious sandalwood essential oil used in this blend comes from a sustainable source in Australia, and you can learn more about it here