Estancia, Spanish for "farm." The creation of this fragrance involved a deep dive into raw materials of Pure & Natural origin. One of the key ingredients in this blend is hay absolute, a viscous, dark green to dark brown syrup that can be deemed the visual translation of the color loden green. Hay absolute has been known to high perfumery for about two centuries, it provides outstanding fixative powers, not unlike oakmoss absolute. Sweeter and more balsamic than oakmoss, hay absolute in Estancia also lends a pale green coloration to the wax. 

I wanted to encapsulate the smell in the air when driving across the Pampas, and the aromatic mixture that I remember from my grandmother's orchard and garden. Particularly at sunset or at night, when all plants generally emit more volatiles to attract night-time pollinators, the air is thick with a mix of herbal, floral and resinous accords. 

Estancia has a high content of botanical ingredients of P&N (Pure & Natural) origin. These were selected for their perceived calm-inducing and air-cleansing qualities. Oils of cedarwood, cypress, rosemary and tarragon provide a refreshing and familiar aromatic profile, accented by crisp geranium and tomato leaves. Oils of palo santo and carrot seed provide a grounding leather accord that makes the fragrance remain diffusive and strong throughout the life cycle of the candle. 

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