El Mar Atlántico

El Mar Atlántico

 Atlantic: From the Greek Atlantikôi pelágei "The Sea of Atlas". 

Atlántico is Spanish for "Atlantic."

Atlántico is the flagship of the brand. The first scent we developed, Atlántico set the standards and embodies the spirit of all the formulas that followed. Daring, powerful yet with a sensual underside, it owns dwellings exuding masculinity, opening with delicate notes of Jasmine grandiflorum absolute but quickly revealing an exotic heart of Jacarandá flowers and Neroli.

Timeless, aromatic, fresh, and clean, and technically classed as a marine fougère with floral aspects, Atlántico is inspired on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean at sunset.

 The Atlantic Ocean was, at one time, the waterway of discoveries. Upon landing, European Adelantados had to conquer the mighty Atlantic Rainforest, the rich ecosystem created and supported by the winds and moisture of the Mar Atlántico.

This rainforest varies dramatically from North to South, sometimes gently, sometimes abruptly. It forms one of the largest living organisms on the planet. And it is rich in aromatic inspiration no matter the latitude. 

Our Atlántico scent evokes a walk on the beach at sunset where the ocean meets the rainforests, when green, aromatic, and floral accords permeate the air, perfuming the invigorating scent of the Ocean.

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